Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photoshoot session with the Tiong

Tiong seen from the distance, perching on a tall dead tree at Zone I

 Today has been exceptional.  It appears that the Tiong or Hill Myna bird  will come back again and again to occupy a 'nest' which is a hole in a tall dead tree at the park.  According to my record  they come to claim the nest every 6 months cycle.  The couple  I met today seemed very happy with the nest and it is my hope that for the next one month or so they will keep re-appearing on the scene for more photoshoot session.  The shots I managed to get today were taken from a distance of about 50 meters.  Guess I need to build a hideout closer to the tree to obtain better close-ups in future.  Here's for the start...

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